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Welcome to the home of MF Street Education. Discover the fast growing and ever developing self-defence system that is rapidly growing and fast becoming one of the biggest self-defence systems in the world.

MF Street Education is the ultimate self-defence training system brought to the world by the MF group. And there is no secret why it is expanding rapidly after it's recent creation. The senior instructor team comes with a wealth of experience in many different Martial Arts and bundles of real life experiences.

MF Street Education is the result of more than 4 decades of study into self-defence and fitness. The system draws techniques, drills and training methods from kickboxing, boxing, Muay Thai, jiu Jitsu, Kali, progressive fighting systems, Keysi's Fighting Method and many real life confrontations through security and door work experience gained by our Senior Instructor Team. Although the techniques and training methods are drawn from many different systems, what makes MF Street Education so unique is the evolution of the techniques, drills and exercises to bring them inline with real life self-defence scenarios.

As well as the incredible level of self-defence development through the programme, MF Street Education also incorporates an excellent fitness training programme within each class, helping our students get fit, lose weight, build strength and power, tone up and create bundles of extra energy for daily life.

MF Street Education students will be taken on a fun, exciting and ever developing journey through an official ranking system to become a Black Grade student and beyond. For those of you who fall in love with the forward thinking MF Street Education training techniques and methods, becoming an instructor and running your own classes is a very fun, rewarding and exciting journey. This process enables you to delve deeper into mastery of the syllabus and principles that make MF Street Education one of the best self-defence programmes on the market today.

Start your journey to incredible fitness, weight loss, confidence, self control and self defence now by contacting us to book your free trial.

If you require further details please call 0800-0354-660, or e-mail to office@mfstreeteducation.com

What people are saying

  • The combination of authentic martial styles here coupled with experienced instructors; has created a unique and effective self-defense reality based system! Bravo!
    Richy Z Boogz
  • It's all good! Great training, excellent instructors and good people to spar with. Best of all it's really good fun, with no egos in sight and beats gym hands down!
    Simon Lydford
  • Very friendly instructors and members - always made to feel welcome., As to the training, structured learning of a very effective system with the option of additional add-on workshops covering a specific area.
    Martin Holt

MF Street Education officially launched in 2014 across the UK! Here's just a glimpse of the fun we had at the launch and the awesome training to come!